The best way to get fired up about
Ignite is to serve with Ignite!

At Ignite we desire to be a church which is not bound by the walls of a building, but of people that live out their faith in the real world by caring, serving and positively impacting and transforming the culture and community around them through their compassion, care and service. We will strive to come alongside the local government, schools, community organizations, etc. to reach out to and minister to the lost, hurting, broken, poor, and lonely. We’ll seek to live out the Gospel by serving those most in need.

We promise that if you serve with Ignite, you’ll get way more out of it than you put into it. Choose from serving within Ignite Church, giving back to the community, or taking it global with our mission opportunities in other countries.

Email or call us at 309-673-6011 to learn more about serving at Ignite.